Pregnancy Yoga Classes

There are no Pregnancy Yoga Classes Scheduled Currently

Attending a prenatal yoga class is the perfect activity during pregnancy. It increases strength, stamina, circulation and balance. It’s also a great way to make new friends and share the experience of being pregnant. The class can also be place to exchange knowledge and information on pregnancy and babies.

Attending a pregnancy yoga class has many benefits:

Pregnancy is a time when extra stress is put on a women’s body. Pregnancy yoga can help alleviate these stresses. It can help keep blood pressure normal, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help with sleeplessness. In fact many students report having a better night’s sleep following their yoga class!

Yoga is ideal for strengthening muscles and joints in a safe and non-impacting manner. We practice asanas (yoga poses) that build stamina and help with the pressures of pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga can teach you how to breathe and relax in preparation for labour. These techniques can also help alleviate insomnia and promote a relaxed state of mind. Yoga can help you meet the physical and mental demands required of motherhood.

Prenatal yoga can help with labour. In the class we explore breathing techniques that can be used during labour to help stay calm and have a more positive birthing experience. Visualisation techniques that can be a great aid during labour to help manage pain will also be learnt. We also spend some time in classes practising meditation to help build the bond between mother to be and baby.

I encourage students to let me know if their experience can be enhanced in any way. By listening to my students I can tailor classes to meet their needs and this leads to a better experience for all.

Pregnancy Yoga Class information

Prenatal yoga is suitable from early pregnancy to late pregnancy (12 weeks to 40+ weeks).

Classes are mixed ability and are suitable whether or not you have experience.

Drop in places may be available (cost €16). Please contact Neasa before arriving for a drop-in class.

For hygiene reasons we ask everyone to bring their own mat with you. If you forget your mat you can borrow one.