“Going to yoga with Neasa for over two years and can’t recommend it enough! Improved my flexibility and strengthened my core, also fantastic for preventing running injuries! Love it!”

– Fiona, Marino –

“I’ve completed two antenatal pregnancy yoga courses with Neasa and can’t recommend them enough. The pace and positions of the class were ideal for all stages of my pregnancy particularly during the 3rd trimester. Am currently taking a mother and baby course with Neasa and love that too! It focuses on gentle exercise for the mother and has really helped me to begin to feel myself again after childbirth. During the sessions we spend some time doing moves for baby too which is lovely for bonding!”

– Elaine, Clontarf, Dublin 3 –
“Having never done yoga before I would highly recommend doing the pregnancy yoga with Neasa. I found it a great form of exercise to do throughout both of my pregnancies. It was also a good way to learn the different types of breathing techniques which I can still do now when I want to take time out & relax. After having both babies I attended the mummy & baby class which I found fantastic. Not only is it a great opportunity to meet other new mums & their babies but it is also a great way of focusing on & strengthening any areas that may have weakened since having your baby. It is very difficult to find the time for yourself when you have a newborn baby & as this is a class that benefits you & your baby, you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up & take part as soon as you can.”

– Laura, Clontarf, Dublin 3 –
“I did Pregnancy Yoga and then Mother and Baby Yoga with Neasa and LOVED the classes!!! I only stopped when my baby got too big and active for the classes. Highly recommend all classes!”

– Ciara –
“I have attended Neasa’s Hatha Yoga classes for almost 2 years now and have found each session to be extremely beneficial in improving strength, tone and posture. The fact that so many participants have been attending her courses for years is a credit to both Neasa and the quality of her teaching. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone, from beginners to experienced, wishing to join a Yoga Course.”

– Sarah, Clontarf, Dublin 3 –
“I found pregnancy yoga really worthwhile as it really felt like exercise which prepared me both mentally and physically for labour. Neasa also helped throughout second and third trimesters of pregnancy by suggesting different positions to help with any ailments as they occured. Many thanks Neasa!”

– Wendy, Dublin 3 –
“I took Neasa’s prenatal yoga classes from the start of the second trimester until my due date and cannot recommend them highly enough. The focus on stretching muscles affected by pregnancy and on building up your strength in preparation for labour really helps eliminate the aches and pains associated with your growing bump. Learning how to breathe properly and what the best positions for labour are really helps your confidence – I found them really helpful during my own labour. I was incredibly relaxed after each class and had the best sleep of the week afterwards. It’s also great fun meeting other girls at the same stage of pregnancy and swapping stories and advice. I absolutely loved Neasa’s classes – signing up for them was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy.”

– Aoileann, Dublin 3 –
“I really enjoyed Neasa’s yoga class as it became a dedicated time to relax and bond with my little baby. As a health professional and first time mother I would definitely promote antenatal yoga and Neasa’s class is a must!”

– Louise, Glasnevin –
“The pregnancy yoga class with Neasa was something I looked forward to each week. She created a very relaxed and enjoyable class with her very friendly and warm personality. At the beginning of each class by allowing the group to share how they were feeling, Neasa helped the group to develop a supportive bond. While the class followed a similar format each week, I particularly loved the way that Neasa incorporated additional postures into the class to respond to any particular concerns or pains that had been raised in the introductions. The class always seemed to fly! The relaxation time at the end was particularly nice and I always left the class feeling so positive, relaxed and calm.”

– Aoife, Dublin 5 –
“I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga and would recommend it to any expectant mums. The yoga exercises were a great way to stay flexible throughout the pregnancy. The breathing and relaxation exercises were great for labour – the midwife even commented how well I was managing the contractions and said it was obvious I had done yoga!”

– Emily, Clontarf D3 –
“I started to attend Neasa’s yoga class since week 12 of my pregnancy and will continue until my baby is due. The atmosphere in the class is warm and friendly and its a great opportunity to meet other mothers to be and share our experiences. Neasa is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. She is supportive and always ready to answer any questions I have. The class is very enjoyable and I always leave feeling energized and positive. I would highly recommend Neasa to anyone who would like to join an prenatal class.”

– Rachael, Dublin 5 –
“Pregnancy yoga with Neasa, was one of the best experiences during my pregnancy. I attended the classes from week 12 of my pregnancy right up until my 38th week ( and I would continue if I could;) After the classes, I always felt relaxed, energised and very positive. It was great as well to share same experiences with other girls and get both support and advice how to deal with particular pregnancy related discomforts during the class. It helped me to stay in shape and made me want to continue practising yoga after (with Neasa of course 😉 )who is a very inspirational teacher and has a great personality. It was not only about yoga, but also about various relaxation techniques, real life experiences and lots of laughs! Thanks for everything Neasa.”

– Karolina, Dublin 3 –
“I did two courses of pregnancy yoga with Neasa and I found them to be extremely beneficial during my pregnancy and in preparation for labour. I really liked how the classes are suitable to all fitness and energy levels. The breathing and relaxing techniques were also very useful. It was a great way to meet other mums too! Keep up the good work!”

– Norita, Clontarf –
“My weekly pregnancy yoga classes were one of the highlights of my pregnancy. I loved the welcoming, relaxed atmosphere with Neasa expertly managing a wide range of levels within our group. The yoga poses and relaxation techniques were tailored to your individual needs and were genuinely useful in managing fatique and back pain. I also loved the opportunity to meet other ‘mums to be’ and after my baby was born I was excited to attend mum and baby classes, I especially loved the baby massage techniques we practised. I would highly recommend Neasa’s pregnancy yoga classes and mum and baby classes, a must for mums!”

– Sinead, Baldoyle –