Thinking of Attending your 1st Yoga Class?

So, you’re thinking of signing up for a yoga class? What you need to know…

What to Wear?

There’s no yoga uniform. But wear something you find comfortable to move in, such as leggings and a tee shirt. I recommend 2 layers, so you can remove one as you heat up. The beginning of a Hatha class involves sitting (practicing meditation and breath awareness) and then as we move through the asana (postures) so you will get warmer as the class progresses. Then at the end we rest in
And remember, yoga is practiced in bare feet. Please leave your shoes outside the class door. If for some reason you’d prefer not to expose your feel you can keep socks on but it is better for grip not to.

What to Bring?

A mat is really the only essential item you’ll need. Yoga mats are different than fitness mats in so far as they are “sticky”. This is to stop you slipping in various poses. if you’re not sure what mat to get you can borrow mat one for the first week and can discuss with your teacher which mat to buy and where.

Before the Class

If possible try not to eat a heavy meal before the yoga class. Eat something light an hour or so before. Some poses involve having your head lower than your stomach so a full stomach may lead to indigestion. Do drink plenty of water an hour or 2 before the class so you’re hydrated when you start.
It’s ok to drink water during the class if you really need to but best to avoid if you can.

Arrive early

If it’s your first class, it’s a good idea to arrive early to get the lay of the land. Better to be there a few minutes before class so you can put your mat down and start to get in the zone. It’s fine to sit or lie on your mat before the class, no need to stand to attention!

If you have any medical problems or injuries make sure you tell your teacher. She’ll be able to offer you modifications if necessary for poses that don’t suit you physically.


Don’t talk to others during the class. Yoga is a personal practice and it’s a quite time. Do however ask a question if you’re not sure about something

If you can’t do a pose..

Then don’t! If something feels super uncomfortable best not to do it. Your yoga teacher will likely have a variation or modification to help. Sometimes a well placed yoga block is all you need to help you feel comfortable and to gain the benefits from a pose. You shouldn’t push yourself into a pose. And if you begin to pant, take a break. Get into child pose or Savanana (relaxation pose) if you like. And remember, it’s not yoga if you’re not breathing!

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